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The Science dog!


Shilo is not doing well

April 8th, 2015 · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

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For the past 2-3 weeks Shilo has been a mere shadow of her former self.  A trip to my local vet found that she had a fever (103-4) but no ‘smoking gun’ as to the cause.

Emailed UPenn and asked to take Shilo off the Palladia as lethargy and anorexia  were very common side effect.  She has been off Palladia for a week and still no improvement.  On a good day she seems alert and responds to play.. but still does not walk much, or eat.

UPenn said that since the cancer did metastasize in her lungs it may be that is just more aggressive than before.

Asked to have them look at her next week.  Unless something can be done to improve her quality of life she may not be coming home with me.

I will be sad when she is gone, but its just as heartbreaking to see here just lay there.

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  • Michelle

    I am sorry Shilo is not doing well. This crap disease just robs us of our babies. Sometimes we have to weigh the quality of life vs quantity. I had to make that decision with Sassy. Quantity for her would have been to have fluid drained off her chest cavity from the cancer or quality was letting her go. I have doubts sometimes that I should have tried one last time but I know in my heart of heart that I did the right thing with her quality. I gave her the dignity that she always wanted.

    Jerry usually posts something about the penny jar and I can’t find where I saved it. But the short of it you put pennies in 2 jars the good days and the bad days. It kind of helps you make that determination.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  • benny55

    It could be more about the fever and the side effects of the Palladia than anything more sinister.

    A fever can DEFINITELY make a dog feel real yucky and very lethargic. Did the vet give her antibiodics or a good dose of fluids? I bet that would make her feel better!!

    You may see some turn around once the fever goes down and once all the side effects of the Palladia.

    I don’t think Shilo is throwing in the towel yet. I’m hoping once the fever goes down and all the drugs are out of her system you’ll see a positive change! Do ask your regular vet about a dose of fluids too.

    Thank you so much for updating us. Shilo and TJ are two of our favorite heroes!! Keeping all paws crossed for improvement! She’s still having some good times! I bet once that fever is gone she’ll even have more!!

    Come on Shilo! We are all cheering for you! Lots of drive thru burgers and fries!

    In the meantime Paul, you know the drill! Stay in the moment, spoil with steak and ice cream and take lots of pictures…and make sure you’re in some of them!!!

    Sending love to you and your pack!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  • 4myty

    So sorry to hear Shilo is not doing good. This journey is hard and takes us places we did not ask to go. Try and stay in the moment with Shilo. That is one of my biggest regrets, I was worrying about the end before it got here. That and being the food police. Is there a chance of an underlying infection that some antibiotics may take care of? Instead of the penny jar, I drew faces on my calendar. Keep us posted, Lori, Ty & the gang

  • Codie Rae

    Oh geez. I am so sorry to hear that our very own Science Dog Shilo is not doing well. Here’s hoping that she starts having more good days than bad again but …. You know her best and I know you will listen to her when she tells you it is time to go. But I really do think you can see it in their eyes when they are ready. It is so hard to make that final decision. Just know we are here for you no matter what.

    Lots of tripawd love to you and Shilo,
    Martha, Codie Rae, and the Oaktown Pack

  • BartsMom

    I am so sorry to read about Shiloh. It is heartbreaking to watch them not feel well. Praying that it is the fever and she will rebound. Hang in there…you know you have all the love and support you need here in the Tripawd Nation. Too many of us have been where you are.

    Thinking of you and sending pawsitive thoughts,

    Darcy & Angel Bart

  • tjmcbipper

    This morning was a godo one.. she readily ate and was a bit playful. I was told to give her tramidol as needed and I usually give her two pills at night to ensure she can get a good nights rest.

    My biggest concern is that she simply does not move much. She will walk if I pick her up, but on her own she is content to just lay all day.

    Will see whats up when we take her to UPenn next week… she is not coughing but I think her breathing is a bit labored.

  • benny55

    My Happy Hannah would get pretty exhausted with just going out to pee and poop. She would come right back i n and was perfectly content to just lounge around and get tummy rubs and treats! And that was fine with me! Being tired doesn’t “hurt”!

    Really glad to hear Shilo is having a better day today. This part of the journey is about good days interspersed with “less good days”.

    Perhaps the antibiotics are going to do her some good!

    Paws crossed for you and Shilo! Thanks so much for the update! Made me smile think i ng of her eating a good meal and then playing a bit! All is good in Shiloh’s world!

    Love you Shiloh…we do, really!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  • jerry

    Oh Paul as you can see you and Shilo have a HUGE cheerleading squad here. We are all rooting for her and have our paws crossed that it’s just the Palladia making her feel so crappy. We’ve seen it before and once they were off the Palladia the symptoms went away. Give it time, stay pawsitive and spoil her rotten. You’ve both hauled such a long road and I know there’s still lots of fun ahead for both of you. Hang in there and remember we’re thinking of you.

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