Shilo the Science dog gets accepted to UPenn!

After a few back and forth emails to the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine about getting Shilo enrolled into a study today she met the vet team and was given an exam.

I signed some papers, talked about what was going to happen and hugged Shilo goodbye.

Tomorrow 4/15 in the AM she is scheduled to get a chest x-ray to confirm no lung mets and then off with the arm!  I know in the short term the amputation will stop the pain (Shilo is limping and that means she’s in pain) but I hope that the study drug will do what is has done when used on other forms of cancer:  stop it or outright kill it.

So Shilo’s in Philly, I’m at home and will have to try and sleep tonight knowing that Shilo’s will be promoted to the official rank of ‘TriPawd’.



So why am I putting my Shilo into an experimental OS study?  First reason is the cost of the treatment is free.  I am a firm believe in amputation to relieve OS pain (this is my second go around with OS) and I have seen first hand the relief a dog gets from the pain of bone cancer.  Shilo’s OS was found very early, but tramidol and NSAIDs only go so far before the pain cripples a dog.   Shilo is young, healthy and already acclimated to life on three legs (well, somewhat).  Second, there is a chance that the drug may cure her.  The drug is known to be highly successful in treating mast cell tumors and they thinking is that it could be equally as successful in treating OS.  But the vet’s just don’t know for sure.  Shilo is going to die from cancer.. that cannot be helped.  But she also has the very, very rare opportunity to be treated by some top notch vets, at a prestigious vet school, for free.  I could not turn down that opportunity for Shilo’s care and to maybe find a viable treatment for OS.

I’ve mentioned cost a few times.  I know that an amputation is $1500-1700.  Chemo is $400-$1000 PER SESSION.  Radiation treatment is $600+ per session.  When you need 4-6 radiation sessions and 2-4 chemo treatments you are at $4-$5k easy.  Many dog’s never survive the chemo due to the cancer metastasizing in the lungs… so even if you spend the money you are still rolling the dice.  Vets say that radiation and chemo could add months of quality life.. but it could also do nothing.

So my cute little malmute is at UPenn doing her part to save the world… sort of 🙂

7 thoughts on “Shilo the Science dog gets accepted to UPenn!”

  1. Shilo is gorgeous!

    Tomorrow Shilo will be free from the pain of the OS and hopefully (all of our fingers and paws are crossed) that the drug being studied actually cures her of this horrible disease!


    Linda and Tucker

  2. Ya’ knlw, we “congratulate” the weirdest things around here…and here we go…-.

    CONRATULATIONS SHILO on your PROMOTION to TRIPAWD!! You are now in quite an elite class young lady!! And you clearly are going to be one of THE prettiest tripawds around! TJ already captured the most handsome title!!

    I’m so glad you were able to get her to the
    program! No one deserved this chance more than you two!!

    Now, does she have to stay there for part of tne treatment or can she come home after a night of recovery? How far do you live from the Center?

    You’ve got everyone pulling for yo and Shilo! And goodness knows, you’ve got a very special Guardian Angel TJ !!!

    Try and get some rest. As you already know, sleep won’t be easy to come by for a few nights!

    Sending you all the best wishes in the world for success!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. so happy that he is able to get into this study!! I was reading about it the other day and wished that we lived just a few hours closer to be able to partake. Good luck sweet Shilo!

    Cody and Family

  4. Yes, I agree Sally. I saw $1500 for an amp and thought that was a decent price comparatively speaking. Sickening that it costs even that much, UGH, makes me so mad!
    I’m so glad that you could get Shilo into a study, what a great opportunity and at UPenn no less! Shilo can get a shot at beating this awful disease and the vets can work their magic trying to find a cure. Its a win both ways! Keep us updated, we’re cheering for you Shilo!!

  5. WAY TO GO SHILO! Can’t wait to hear!!! What drug is it she is getting? I think you may have said Paladia? Jill’s oncologist has used Paladia on some of her OSA patients before and has had some good results.
    Keep us posted – I can’t wait to hear!

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